I have been tagged. I am supposed to come up with 10 things you don’t know about me. 10 things that I am willing to tell you that you don’t already know. Hmm.

1. My degrees are in linguistics. That right there makes me very rare and peculiar, since most people do not even know what linguistics is. Some of you already know this, though.

2. I was a really pretty girl in my youth. Boys flocked around me to a very irritating degree. Most guys do not realize that pretty girls have way more attention from way more guys than they actually want. There is a point at which you want to swat them with a flyswatter.

3. I started college at 14 and lied about my age, telling people that I was 18. As I recall, this was what my parents told me to do. They must have been out of their minds.

4. Some of the odd jobs I held in my youth included artist’s model, computer-part assembler, and childcare worker.

5. Once, while I was on a cross-country road trip with my family, a Norwegian tourist stole my diary.

6. Many of my close friends, whom I have known for years, have never met my husband.

7. I had a relatively high-powered career before I had children. I hated it. I hated most of the people I worked with. Not all, of course.

8. I am prejudiced against people who aren’t very bright.

9. I really dislike small dogs.

10. I am tactless. This is because I am also insensitive. I try not to be either of those things, but there it is. I doubt I will improve, at my age.

I tag Ruby Plaid, Kali Mama, Dweezy, Spinnermom, and Blisskitty.