Social Crimes is an interesting novel; I nearly quit reading it a couple of times, but I’m glad I got to the end of it. It sets formulas on their ears.

I am also still reading Unweaving the Rainbow — and by a remarkable coincidence, just a couple of days after I wrote about coincidences, I came upon the chapter in this book about coincidences. Dawkins offers us the example of how Skinner was able to induce superstitious behavior in pigeons through coincidences, and suggests that we are not far from those pigeons.

But he also suggests that there are adaptive aspects to our credulity, and admits the appeal of the marvelous.

Ah, yes, that knitting up there. That is #1 son’s Tychus hat. I wanted to show you how clever the construction is on this hat — you knit up and down from crown to brim.

I was able to make it through my to-do list for the weekend, including putting a batch of Santa’s Workshop cookies into the freezer, finishing and wrapping the gifts for #1 daughter and Son-in-law, and knitting a lot of stuff. Today I have a morning full of irritating errands followed by work and then immediately thereafter a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s concert. I should be able to finish this hat during the waiting times.

I am trying not to be too cross about all the errands. Monday morning is supposed to be for housework and gym time, not errands, so I am not succeeding entirely. This is very funny, though. It helps a bit.