I woke up early this morning with a sense of dread. I have to teach a class and then go to the dentist, and I have two phone interviews scheduled today, plus I have 5,000 words on Outstanding Men due on the 24th and don’t yet have all the phone interviews for them scheduled. In fact, I don’t even have the complete list of Outstanding Men I’m supposed to write about. And I also have a job interview today for which I have to answer five essay questions.

There’s also this website I’m working on, and the designer missed a milestone.

I also had some good ideas in my mind, though. Sometimes you get up with a sense of dread but then things improve.

Yesterday I decorate for Thanksgiving, baked some cookies, worked on #2 son’s Christmas sweater, and made some real progress with the new version of our website. I made plenty of mistakes on the bell piece at the first church and one in the sung anthem at the second church. I got the grocery shopping and the laundry done, but only minor cleaning.

In spite of all this, I did my Wii workout this morning, and the balance board told me that I’ve done 200 tests now. I don’t think they count the “simple test” where you just let it tell you your weight in a scolding tone.

The balance board is kind of bossy in a friendly way, like an elementary school teacher or camp counselor. The trainer, a human cartoon person, is less that way. She confided in me the other day that she hadn’t gotten enough sleep, and sometimes she doesn’t show at all, but sends the male trainer to take her place. She appears to have a life outside of Wii Fit, whereas the balance board, not being human, makes no such pretensions.

Tea, breakfast, and then onward.