I followed through with my plans for a stationary day yesterday, and got the seventh bawk all the way to the point at which its nice little turtleneck is supposed to begin — where I ran out of yarn. Yes, I have used the same yarn for all the bawks so far and have not run out of yarn before, but this time I did. So the choices are: frog and start the turtleneck in the middle of the pattern repeat, make the turtleneck in a different color, order more yarn and hope the dyelot matches and it gets here in time (nope), or —

Well, what I am doing is unraveling from the bottom. There is an inch or so of pre-pattern cabling there which may end up being enough for the turtleneck. So I am taking it out from the bottom and knitting it onto the top, hoping that the neck part will be complete before I run out of expendable bits at the bottom. This takes about eight times longer than knitting in the first place, but I am hoping that it will work. I have no reason to think that it will, besides hope, but I am hoping. Sigh.

I am not going to the gym today, but am giving myself a slow morning to fully foil the virus, and also doing the housework that should have been done yesterday.