9 A fun day yesterday.

I had three things on my list for the afternoon, but only did one of them. Also, no sewing took place this weekend.

The HGP this week is having us clean the kids’ rooms. My kids are too old for me to clean their rooms, even if I would like to, so I am going to catch up on a previous week’s assignment by cleaning out my closets.

It’s time to throw out all the things with holes in them. I am very bad about that. My husband is worse than I am. The kids buy clothes with holes in them already.

9 A dark chocolate and kiwi fruit torte. I had to make it in order to practice with the new torte pans I received on Saturday. I don’t have to eat it, of course.

The place where #1 daughter works tells their customers this: prepare your family’s meals as you normally do, and then eat your own with them, ignoring the fact that their food is luscious and yours is austere.

#1 daughter claims that their food wasn’t that good to begin with, so it’s not that much of a loss.

My doctor said to feed my family health food, too, because they would thank me later.

Which piece of advice is more realistic?