I’ve been tagged by dweezy to list 10 things that bring me joy, and then tag 6 people. The thing about this meme is that there is little room for originality. It’s almost like — “Are you a human? Okay, put down your family and friends, nature, your work or other creative outlet, your spiritual satisfaction whatever that may be… Next!”

I thought immediately of the old song, “For the beauty of the earth/ For the beauty of the skies/ For the love which from our birth/ over and around us lies…” Later verses move on to “the joy of human love” and the pleasures of our senses, plus spiritual joys. Some of us may not be stirred to raise joyful hymns of grateful praise, but this is what brings us joy, isn’t it?

Still, this is a nice meme. It starts the day off right to read lists of things that make people happy, or to write one for yourself. So here, with a sense of predictability, is mine.

1. my family

2. music

3. playing with colors

4. ditto textures

5. ditto flavors

6. ditto ideas

7. movement

8. the beauty of the earth

9. working with others toward a shared goal

10. children — even other people’s

I tag Chanthaboune, The Water Jar, Sighkey, Ramfeezled Chuzzlewit, Distant Eyes, and Kali Mama.

Now, you were probably expecting a picture of Brooklyn in its actual final completed form. Me, too. But when I finished putting the zipper in, we found that it was sort of … wavy. I have never put a zipper into a sweater before, and would appreciate input from those who have. The zipper measures the same as the knitting. I pinned it in, at which point it did seem flat, and then sewed it in flat with the yarn and a darning needle. I am planning, unless I get better advice, to tear it all out and sew it back in with sewing thread. I have at this point no other ideas, but would love some. Thanks!