Monday October 11, 2004



Here is the completed DNA scarf, affectionately posed with the Paris-Match beret, which is a few inches into the decreasing stage. You are seeing the top of the beret, still open, with the brim visible at the bottom, and the scarf under it. They were not designed to go together, but I thought they would be a good match, and I think I was right. Once I get down to the dps, and have my circular 3 back, I will begin on DNA scarf number two. I can’t believe that I finished the whole thing and still have to look at the chart. But the beret is very simple, so I will have a simple project to carry around, and one requiring a chart to keep at home.

We decorated for Hallowe’en yesterday, at #2 son’s suggestion. In the box with the Hallowe’en quilt and all the electric Jack o’ Lanterns and stuff was the patchwork table runner I started last Hallowe’en. We had just had the wedding, and there was no way to finish it in time, so I put it away in its half-completed state and literally forgot all about it. I may finish it this year. On the other hand, I have an old college friend coming to visit, so I feel a need to clean my house. And all these holiday gifts to make. And a benefit concert to arrange. And the Christmas concerts: the Vivaldi Gloria and Messiah. And the knitting circle, and study. And a life to conduct. So I might not.






4 responses to “Monday October 11, 2004”

  1. silken_shine Avatar

    The beret looks wonderful with the scarf!

    H4HA is Hugs for Homeless Animals ( They sponsor The Snuggles Project – people knit, crochet, or sew security blankets for shelter animals.

    LOL, I suppose I’m lucky to live in an all-girl household, where I can talk about cute guys all I want! 🙂 

  2. Natalieknits Avatar

    I think they’ll match nicely!  The seed stitch on the edges of the scarf will tie in the seed stitch beret.

  3. TheWaterJar Avatar

    oh, i think you’re right, i don’t think old people get past the desire to love or be loved. in fact that might be a crucial ingredient in living past the 100 year mark. however, i do get the impression that, for the most part, an elderly person who has lived a long, full life, has come to a state of contentness and acceptance of life and its circumstances. that’s what i think of when i think of the wisdom of an elderly person, anyway. i also think of my grandfather, who though he seldom gives any kind of advice nor speaks any wisdom, seems to be wise simply in the way he lives his life now. peace.

  4. dweezy Avatar

    I saw that beret pattern in FCM, I think. I like it in the blue better instead of the cream. About the alien scarf, I think I’m loosing my enthusiasm to continue with 10 more alien faces. It is an easy knit but time consuming. I know, your thinking if you can make it through a DNA, I can make it through an alien illusion. LOL. Well, I figured if I made two alien faces then I could fold it in half stitch it on the bottom and up one side and then put an i-cord handle and have a fun trick-or-treat bag. We’ll see, I can be kind of a flibberdy gibbit, jumping here and there from one project to another and then getting board with some. Then some can sit for years in a box only to be started on again. The drop stitch pattern in the shawl looks as if it is horizontal with the stockinet stitches. Thats neat. Is it in a metallic?