10 We woke to the sound of rain this morning. Very nice. Discovering that the books under the dining room window were soaked was not as nice. Sitting on the sopping wet seat of my husband’s car was not nice. If I ever looked at weather reports, I would know when to close the windows.

Never mind. As you see,  I finished the jacket yesterday. I had been thinking of it as kimono-like, but Smarticus’s comment opened my eyes to the bit of ’40s vibe it has, and I bravely topstitched it and turned up the cuffs.

Topstitching is brave. There you are with a nice garment, you do some bad topstitching, and it is ruined.

Fortunately, the operation was successful. I love this jacket. What you would not know from reading this blog is that my eyes are this color, though a little lighter, so it is a good color for me, too.

Smarticus asked what shoes I intended to wear with this suit. I sort of feel that that question should be reserved for the graduate seminar, but I will give it a try.

10 My first thought was of the pointy bronze witch-toe shoes. You see them here with the print skirt which is still unfinished while I think of how to solve the whole twining and clinging issue.

I realize that flats with a suit are geeky, but these shoes ought to be good when I wear the jacket with a long skirt or with pants.

Then, below, there are the burgundy pumps, with the top of the two-piece dress from SWAP part I. I could perhaps wear them with the suit. The people on What Not to Wear frequently say that shoes can be a complete contrast to the outfit.

It seems to me that a gray shoe with a comma heel, whatever that may be, would be perfect. If I still have the suit 10when #1 son graduates, I’ll buy some.

I hadn’t thought about shoes, though. I probably should have.

It is kitchen week on the HGP, so I put in some scrubbing time yesterday. I also put a King Ranch Chicken casserole into the freezer. The HGP has you put some meal into the freezer each week, so that when the holidays come and you are very busy, you will have something handy.

Since I am currently away from home at dinner time at least two nights out of each week, it’s hard to believe that I will be busier come the holidays, but I am dutifully following directions.

This is also the point at which we are supposed to look honestly at our handmade gifts and consider whether or 10 not we are really going to finish them.

Since I never did come up with an inspiration for needlework gifts this year, #2 son and I plan to give all kitchen gifts, a plan which is less time-consuming but also dooms me to lots of last-minute stuff. Perhaps I will be glad to have meals in the freezer.

I didn’t get any Hallowe’en decorating done yesterday, but I do have a creepy candle on the table.

I have rehearsal tonight, and must get to the gym, and of course it is a work day, but I hope to sneak in a bit of sewing at some point. Once I finish the skirt, I will have my autumn suit ready and will only have to think of shoes for it., Or chance looking geeky in flats. Those witch-toe shoes have a half-inch heel. Does that count?