ripbuttonYesterday was the perfect day for the Autumn Reading Challenge. The Challenge was to read five creepy books before October 31st. We had cold, rainy weather at last.

Not that you can’t read creepy books in bright hot sunny weather — I have read two of them so far in the challenge under these difficult circumstances — but cold and gray is better.

Jamie had recommended E.F. Benson’s ghost stories, but his collection is out of print, so I went with Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories, which includes a highly philosophical piece by Benson. rainy berries

Howling winds would have been a nice touch, but I was so happy to have some distinctly fall weather that I was not going to quibble about a thing like that.

We don’t have much color in the leaves yet, but I do like these beautiful bright berries.  I particularly like the way they are intertwined with the last of the honeysuckle blossoms. Once the last bouquet of roses fades, I will cut some of these for the house.

In any case, by the time I got home from church it was seriously raining, and getting chilly as well.

So we made a fire and I curled up in the recliner with my knitting. The guys were watching sports and playing games and my husband and the dogs and the cat all took the chance for a bit of a snooze in the firelight. The picture shows how far I got with the Log Cabin Sock before I ran out of yarn. berries and honeysuckle

This does not bode well for the timely completion of these Socktober socks. They are being knitted of Wool-ease sport weight, which is hard to find in my neck of the woods. I will have to search around this morning and see if I can come up with some. And then of course I will have nearly an entire skein of it left, in case I want to make another identical pair.

Since I came to the end of the yarn nearly simultaneously with the end of the book, I was tempted to begin re-reading Gulliver’s Travels for Knitting the Classics, and cast on for something Lilliputian or something Brobdingnagian, those being the obvious choices for a Gulliver knit, but the thought of all my WIPs, some of them having deadlines, dissuaded me. I think that the only way I will get a KTC project done this month is if Gulliver has a log cabin reference or an important sock scene which I have forgotten.

Instead, I returned to The Princess’s wedding gift, the WIP with the most pressing deadline. out of yarn

Speaking of deadlines, I have fallen pretty severely behind on the HGP (Holiday Grand Plan). This is the week for cleaning the kitchen, and my kitchen is in grave need of a thorough cleaning, so I think I will get that done. I have a batch of molasses cookies in the oven (with apple-walnut muffins for breakfast) right now,  so I will have this week’s goodies for the freezer. I’ve been keeping up with the buying of gifts and making some progress on the hand-made gifts as well. But there are areas of the house that did not get cleaned on schedule, I missed the time to buy or make Christmas cards,  my freezer is not filled with things as it should be, and I actually never even looked at last week’s list, so I am behind in ways I don’t even know about.

Fortunately for those of us who have not kept up with the HGP properly, the second chance — also known as the Christmas Countdown — begins at the same website on October 22. This is a six-week compressed preparation, still better than trying to do everything in December.

Not only am I behind with the HGP, but I am not making much progress on my fact-checking assignment either. Neither of these things makes me regret having spent yesterday afternoon with my family and ghost stories before the fire, though. There is always a question of priorities.