I’ve enlisted my little toy friends to spread the lace out a bit so you can see it.

No, I realize that you can’t see anything. Lace is like that.

Here’s a conversation I had with #2 son, by text:

“Can I bring some of my teammates to stay the weekend of Nov 6 and 7?”

“Of course.”

“Okay. 14 to 20 people okay.”

“Okay, Sleeping bags, right?”

“Alright. Do you think Dad would be willing to cook one night?”

“I’m sure he would.”

So I am looking forward to a lively weekend.

I’ve had other interesting conversation via text and instant message. The Computer Guy and I debated the precise meaning and usage of “low temperature furnace.” #2 daughter and I considered the relative cuteness of a passel of nocturnal creatures. #1 son and I worked on his resume.

#1 daughter and I had this exchange about one of our designers, who is very fond of urban grunge in black and red. His first draft of all sites is black and red, whether they are baby clothes or condoms:

:     omg S3 is so cute

   i made this big point of not having a black and red site for this nice older lady selling embroidery patterns

   and he has made her a black and pink one
rosalyne01 :     lol

   It’s good of you to find that cute 😛

   bless his little heart

CHOMPHOSY :     Ayyyeeee!

    He just made it red and black!

  with dragony things!

Also I had eleventy thousand emails. It’s almost like working with people.