We had a working breakfast at a creperie yesterday, discussing events tracking and goal funnels over crepes with spinach and cheese and creme fraiche and hot drinks. Then more hanging around, with a little bit of working, and a business meeting.

Or maybe a business meeting. We met with a couple of businessmen. It seems possible to me that the whole meeting was a ruse for the older of the two to see #2 daughter again, but I may be wrong about that. It’s unlikely that the meeting will result in any business, though.

Next up, a beer and bacon mancake dinner. Yes, these are pancakes made with beer and bacon. What more is there to say?

Our hostess is an HR worker for a company that insures carnivals. Just carnivals, which require a lot of insurance, as you can imagine. There was also a lawyer specializing in discovery. We see him every year or so, and he always has a contract with a company that involves sorting through all their old emails looking for evidence of wrongdoing. Remember this when you write emails.

Today we have a training and another business meeting, and then we’ll head home.