Zimbabwe Griddle and I —

Okay, I can see that that requires some explanation. It is not that the individual whom we know in our house as Zimbabwe Griddle has anything to do with Zimbabwe. Or, as far as we know, with griddles. It is that she has a lovely old-fashioned name one rarely hears any more, and #1 son had trouble remembering it. So he would refer to her by all manner of other names, whatever popped into his head as he searched for her real name, until one day he used “Zimbabwe Griddle,” which somehow stuck. We have called her this ever since. I doubt she reads my blog, so she will never know.

To resume. Zimbabwe Griddle and I are starting a knitting circle at our church to make handknits for the hat-and-mitten tree this year. The Empress asked whether it would be compulsory knitting in the group. I had never considered this. In spite of the Knitting Revolutionary’s repeated exhortations to remember that we knitters are armed with pointy sticks, knitting continues to seem to me to be a very placid occupation. I can’t feature myself prodding folks until they get purling.

But it did seem like a nice thought not only to invite knitters, but also to bring along some extra needles and yarn in hopes of enticing passersby to try their hands. I picked up a couple of skeins at the Lion Brand yarn sale for this purpose. I have never been in a knitting circle, let alone organized one. If any of you have advice, I’d love to hear it.

Crackers1234 (http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=crackers1234 ) has posted pictures of lots of cute mittens and hats. Maybe you will feel inspired to make something for your own local hat and mitten tree. If there is no such a tree in your neighborhood, to provide warm woolies for the needy children of the community, maybe you will be inspired to start one.