Our ensemble in church was nice yesterday, we had an interesting Sunday School class, and I finished up my ten hours for the Brits and most of my grading.

Then I had a bit of a nap and went off to a meeting of the worship team, where we got the Advent and Christmas music under control.

Home, then, to do a bit more grading and then to begin the second pair of Christmas slippers while watching The IT Crowd, which is really quite funny if watched in the right spirit.

I sent a question off to SCORE, and got a response with some specific useful steps. If you have business questions, I recommend them. They have a local office, right up near where I teach, so I think I’ll stop in there today. My SCORE mentor has recommended that I do a financial forecast and then “consider adding one employee when you can project the business that will allow you to see a profit from the added production of the employee.” This seems logical to me. There’s an interactive form for the financial projection, so I can probably manage it. I hope.

My church has begun a prayer experiment, asking all members to pray for 15 minutes a day for the next twelve weeks. CD and Suwanda and I are all having big life/work change issues, so we’re going to do the experiment, focusing on that.

There are issues, I think, with prayer experiments. First, we have no reason to suppose that God participates in them, the Book of Job being the closest example and not a reassuring one. Second, it’s not possible to control the variables of how spending 15 minutes a day in serious prayerful contemplation of our needs — or the accountability of knowing we’re expected to report on the results — might affect us. The pastor specifically reminded us that prayer is not an excuse for laziness.

However, it seems to me that 12 weeks devoted to my life/work issues in some organized way would be a very good thing. I might begin 2010 with a more balanced life and healthier habits. And speaking of organized attention in 15-minute bits, this week on the HGP we repeat our shopping and freezer-filling and gift-making efforts, clean our kids’ rooms, and make a bathroom goodie basket to welcome houseguests.

Today I also need to learn more about Camtasia for the Brits. I’ve had that on my list for a while, actually, so that’ll be good. I also have class, three companies to look after, and more grading. Then rehearsal.