The new skirt has not been hemmed, because Blessing came over right after lunch and stayed all afternoon. This was nice of her. We spent a little time catching up on each other’s lives and a little time deciding what needed to be done with her website, and then she showed me how to use my accounting software. In exchange, I’ll fix up her website.

She used many interesting accounting terms, like “Wash it through,” and “receivables,” and now I think I can go back and put all the data into the program. So far, my newfound accounting skills have shown me that I made quite a bit less in September than I thought I did. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since September is over, but it makes me a little nervous. I’ve been thinking I was averaging my goal amount, and really I’m several hundred under that, and no Big Client on the horizon.

Oh, well. It was looking too easy, wasn’t it?

I sent a post to the big famous SEO blog. They’ve posted both the ones I sent them before, so it won’t be as thrilling if they do so again, but there is still a little bit of suspense. I also sent a proposal to the Small Business Development Office, suggesting that I should do a seminar for them. I have quite a lot on my calendar for today, but I hope to have time to do some marketing for myself.

Blessing was telling me about her new job, and we got into conversation about coworkers. She hasn’t had any for a while. I went down with the ship at the store, but she left and had been with a small company for about a year. She was alone in her office there, and really had no coworkers. She rarely even had contact with her boss. Now she’s in a cubicle, literally, in an office with forty other accountants.

I suggested that it was an opportunity to make friends. For many of us, work is the place where we make friends. This isn’t entirely a good thing, since you often have little choice of coworkers. But you spend the day with them, so there you are: they’re your friends.

Blessing wasn’t sure that these people would be her new friends. She’s working in a place where the accounting staff is referred to as the supervisor’s “girls.” All the departments seem to be like that: “Tom’s girls,” “Dick’s girls,” “Harry’s girls.” And the main job for many of the staff is to see how little work they can get away with. Naturally, then, they have lots of time for Poignant Human Drama.

Not Blessing’s idea of fun. Not mine, either. Fortunately, I have friends from church, choir, book club, and even leftover coworkers of the past, so my lack of coworkers doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

It doesn’t entirely exempt me from Poignant Human Drama, either. Mostly, but not entirely. I have had the drama with the IT guy from church, who still won’t speak to me, even though we sat there in church yesterday singing, “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love.” I had the bit of drama with JK, who is my coworker across the seas. We’re going to work together this morning, virtually, and I have high hopes for that.

The Computer Guy is in some sense a coworker of mine. “It isn’t customary,” Blessing told me sternly, “to have the same people in your vendor and customer files.” But we are each other’s clients, and also have shared clients, and have done projects together, and of course I’d like him just to hire me, so I continue to think of him as a colleague.

With most of my clients, I feel as though we’re working together toward their goals. This results in a whole lot of unbillable time spent emailing back and forth, but it also gives the work a human dimension that makes it more enjoyable for me. I don’t think I can call them coworkers, though.

And while I might accurately think of the webmasters of my clients as coworkers, I don’t usually want to. These are the people who refuse to put in the Google Analytics code because they “don’t see how the page will validate with something between the <head> and the <body>” or take six months to change an address on a web page (I’m saying six months optimistically, because it hasn’t happened yet; I may have to send Kevin an anniversary card when it’s been a year since I asked him).

I might have coworkers at the college, but I never see them. I walk in, teach my class, and leave. They might be having parties and stuff all the time, for all I know.

Basically, I work by myself.

This has been true for a year and a half now, and I don’t mind it yet. Last year, though, I had the weekly meeting with The Empress, and I believe I was invited to the store’s Christmas party.

I gave Blessing all my kitchen show paperwork, since she is taking over my clients. I am going to do one final show this month, so if you need anything, let me know.