10 First, to take care of the suspense. I had another order yesterday afternoon. Delighted, I attempted to submit the show, and could not because of a technical error. I called Janalisa in alarm, and she told me that I actually have until midnight tonight to reach the goal.

When I tried again with the software this morning, all was fine. However, I also had an email from a visitor to this blog, saying that she needed something if it wasn’t too late.

Thanks to the technical error, it wasn’t too late. So as soon as I get hold of this lady and find out what she needs, I will send in the show and feel like I won! I won! Which is quite fun.

And no, we never did sell the Theme Pig.

Here is the pumpkin patch. I sat here in the upper 80s October afternoon and knitted Ivy. I reached the point where the decreases for the armscye and the V-neck both have to be done at once, and I have carefully read and re-read it and knitted it with great attention, and we’ll see what happens.

10 These pumpkins are grown by a Native American mission in Arizona and brought over here, where the kids of the church sell them for a Good Cause. True, adults mind the pumpkins some of the time, but the kids do most of it, and all the organization, thus gaining skills and a sense of accomplishment and whatnot. I figure that makes three Good Causes in all.

#2 son does not attend church with me, I am sorry to say, but he did come hang out with me at the pumpkin patch and carry pumpkins to the old ladies’ cars, so good for him. #1 daughter brought me a sandwich, too. We bought some pumpkins of our own, too.

There should have been crisp fall weather for this undertaking, of course, but that didn’t happen. Mellow fruitfulness, yes; crispness, no.

Today I have a dental appointment, and eight hours of computer work, and then a rehearsal tonight.