pink The Princess’s bridal shower was a success.

I had been planning some autumnal goodies for it (Partygirl was doing the meatitude and I was in charge of the sweetitude) but then she told me that she was planning a “pink and girlie” theme.

You can see from these pictures that it was indeed very pink. Partygirl’s husband is a competitive rose grower, and he provided lots of roses for the decor. Lots of roses pretty well covers the decor when you are going with pink and girlie for a theme.

Serendipitously enough, that very day I got in the mail a frugalreader book with an extra tucked in — a Lando’Lakes butter cookbook with a special section of cookies and tea cakes for bridal showers. Pink and girlie all the way. pink'

#2 daughter returned to her midwestern fastness and I got in some knitting time with Pipes.

This weekend was very fun, but that girl didn’t get a single home-cooked meal while she was here, and I will be skipping the gym this morning to shovel out the house.

I am reading The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios, a book which uses comic book phenomena to explain basic tenets of physics. If you have ever felt that you didn’t completely grasp Newton’s second law or anything like that, I strongly recommend this book. He had noticed that his students complained that the examples about the behavior of balls and feathers had no relation to their daily lives. When he uses comic books, they do not make this complaint. “Apparently,” he says, “they all have plans, post-graduation, that involve Spandex and protecting the City from all threats.”