The duet went well. It was “Song of Psalms” by Ed Harris. Really lovely, surprising harmonies. My little solo went well, too, and the processional hymn went better than you might have thought. #2 daughter led a call-and-response song from the balcony and the congregation joined right in.

#2 daughter felt that we were very disorganized, but this is because she has higher standards.

Following the services, we had a business meeting with the Computer Guy at the local coffee house, followed by lunch.

The meeting was enlivened by #2 daughter’s kindly explanation of the special characteristics of musicians about which a Computer Guy would need to be warned. The funny part about this was that I had already given him that same speech, when I asked him about taking on the project in question. Almost in the same words. We hadn’t rehearsed.

There was also a section in which the two visual processors in the group talked to one another right over my head, having already connected on the visual-spatial level where I can’t go. They were discussing frosty blues and levels of contrast, and there was a brief aside in my direction when I tried to join in (“Fibermom, marble isn’t a color”), but then I stayed out of it until we got back to the abstract realm,where I belong.

May I just say that the other principal of the group, when we reported to him by phone later, responded very well to the notion of marble?  He’s an auditory processor, like me. The vagueness of his discussions of visual images is very like mine, so I relate to him on this.

“He doesn’t have a mental image of what it should look like,” I explained. “He just wants you to do something excellent.”

“Shock and Awe,” clarified #2 daughter.

In any case, the Computer Guy had excellent ideas about how to meet the needs of the organization in question, and how to do it within their budget.

We went on to the nice restaurant Janalisa introduced me to after that, and dispensed with business. We discussed mutual friends, HDTV, sports, politics, and whether #2 daughter’s crazy neighbors’ reliance on her is my fault or not. This took a couple of hours.

We came home and I made a nice peach upside down cake with plenty of butter and cream, chicken with provencal vegetables, and brown rice. Lazing around took place. We also played Scrabble, #2 daughter and #1 son and I. #2 daughter won. She always does.

You might think I’d be likely to win at Scrabble because I know lots of words. Nope. I get swayed by my desire to play a cool word, and don’t strategize. M. Bassoon has argued that #2 daughter should restrain herself from strategizing when playing with lesser mortals, but I don’t see that. It might lessen the number of people who refuse to play with her, though. The Computer Guy suggested Jargon Scrabble, in which you’d be allowed to play words like “HTML” and “CSS.” #1 son thought that should allow slang as well.

“If it’s jargon Scrabble,” I said, “it would have to be words assoicated with a job.”

It could, #1 son figured, be Jargon Scrabble for pimps.

But if we had been playing Jargon Scrabble last night, being a group of musicians, then we could have used “ppp” and “sfz.” This might not have helped me, since what I really needed was a word like “eqeeee.”

It’s labor day. I have a regular Monday deadline for Client #2 which I need to meet, I think, even though it is Labor Day. This is because I got up this morning to a work-related message which he had posted at 10:30 last night, so it doesn’t look as though he’s taking the weekend off.

Other than that, I’m planning to take the day off. I hope to badger some subset of my family into joining me for a hike and a cookout. Past experience suggests that, while this was what we usually did when they were small, now they will prefer to loll around in the air conditioned indoors while I cook for them.

I hope that you all have the day off and will enjoy it.