In an effort to follow the HGP, I am deciding on the yarn for a gift for #1 daughter. I don’t think she reads this blog, so I will tell you that it is this item.

Now, the big question. Do I make it in bright red Plymouth Stone cotton? Or do I make it to match the DNA scarf which I gave her last year? I thought I had made her a hat last year, but cannot quite recall. I was counting on the blog to help me out, and it shows three DNA scarves and… two matching hats. If she didn’t get a hat, she needs one, right? But if she did — well, then she might need a bright red cotton hat.

I can get gauge with either one. Wooly or cotton? Neutral or red? Opinions, anyone?

I am not going to the Master Chorale tonight. My kids objected, my husband objected, it would be a terrible rush and I couldn’t make dinner, it would mean three nights out every week. This is not really something I can do with kids still at home, and it will not be so many years till they are all grown up. It makes me a little sad, though.