We had new choir robes yesterday in church, and a fancy arrangement of “Amazing Grace” which got a standing ovation, which seems somewhat peculiar for church, but it was done in memory of a favorite tenor who died last year.

Plenty of crying.

The UMW had made picnic boxes of barbecued chicken for us to carry out, so I grabbed a few and took them home for lunch with the menfolks.

I spent a few hours grading papers, and then moved back to the quilt. I added another row of blocks. Here you see the central pieced section lying on a bed to get a sense of how much bigger it should be.

After this, I put on a 4″ border of the background fabric. I arrived at this measurement by dividing up the remaining fabric. I think I have enough of the sashing fabric for a 3″ border of that, and then I can sew together all the scraps of the other fabrics (mostly 2.5″ x 6″ pieces) for the binding.

It’s going to be a small quilt. I don’t see why it should be, actually, since the pattern called for a jelly roll and 3 yards of fabric, while I used all that plus the 3 yards of sashing fabric as well. I probably did it wrong. I could buy another yard or two of one of the fabrics and give it a deep border, and make it bigger. I may do so.

However, it will be pretty on this little daybed in the office, and nice for snuggling up on the couch with in winter. I can probably have the top finished and get it sandwiched together next weekend.

I spent some time working on the new website The Firm is planning. I’m going to move my educational blog out of xanga to its own domain. It’ll be an expense, but #1 daughter thinks we can monetize it, and she may be right. It’ll be fun, regardless, and a good learning experience. #2 daughter looked at this template and said it was very like my website. In the picture here, I just stuck the new logo (done by a designer I work with at oDesk) in, but really I am going to get The Computer Guy to incorporate it into a header to replace the bit with the tree. Then I’m going to get #2 daughter to do a video demonstration of a lesson and add that to the page, along with the blog. At some point, I’ll collect my lesson plans on various subjects, get the designer from oDesk to make a cool cover design, and sell them as e-books or something. I don’t quite know yet.

We got the Advent and Christmas music for the early service planned yesterday, Elkhart and I. I’m commissioning a new piece from the Danish orchestral composer who was once my client and since then has done several lovely pieces for the church. Elkhart had the idea of combining “People Look East” with “Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella,” and I am really looking forward to seeing what BrassMusicOnline does with it.

Today is class, lots of work, and rehearsal of Messiah.