After the church services yesterday, we sang at a luncheon to honor a member of our church, Theressa Hoover, a very impressive woman. She grew up under segregation, spent her life working tirelessly for equal rights here and around the world, and then returned to her hometown after she retired, to spend twenty more years so far among her friends and family. She never married or had children, and has not by any means had a limited life because of that. We got to see pictures of her as a lovely young woman in the 1940s, and to hear streams of people talking about the effect she had on their lives, and she took my hands in her very soft hands and thanked me for the music, so I got the chance to experience her charm up close. Being charming was a big part of her success, I think, but her being bold and organized was what people spoke about. That and what a wonderful role model she was and is for all of us, and for women in particular.

9 I’ve proposed to the encyclopedia that they let me write an entry for her.

Among other things, we sang a hymn that was written in her honor, and we had the family crying, so that’s a good sign. When she was my age, she had already been instrumental int he fight against apartheid, so I doubt that I will deserve to have a hymn written in my honor when I am the age she now is, but wouldn’t it be cool? It’s quite a nice hymn, too.

With my house nice and tidy, I was then able to hang out with the family and do some more work on Erin’s bands.

I figured out Dreamweaver, more or less, and got some chili into the freezer. It is Foyer Week on the HGP. This is of course the time to dust the chandelier in the foyer and refresh the loose covers on the loveseats. However, I don’t have a foyer, so I use this week to clean out the coat closet by the four square feet of tile that constitutes my entry. You should also put another meal in the freezer, and a batch of holiday goodies of some description.

Last year, my sons ate all the cookies from the freezer before we got anywhere near Christmas, but I feel sure that they will have outgrown that by now. 9

Today I have people from Arkansas, New Mexico, and Australia to work for. I really hope to be able to work on my own website as well, though I recognize that this desire is unrealistic, not only because of the time factor (I have a rehearsal tonight, which puts an end point on my work today) but also because I’ve not yet heard back from The Computer Guy on a time for him to show me how to get into it. Lest this sound as though he’s dragging his feet, I should point out that I last heard from him on Friday night. The fact that I am able to say “I haven’t yet heard from him” under those circumstances shows that I have become a computer guy.

However, I am a computer guy with a tidy work space and cranberry bran muffins fresh out of the oven, so it could be worse.