Happy Monday!

rip120again  I am late starting the Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge for this year. I was late last year, too. And last year I ended up with more scary books than I actually had time to read before October 31st, so I need to do this challenge again in order to finish reading them all.

“Readers Imbibing Peril” sounds as though we have a Jonestown thing going on, but it just means we are challenged to read 5 scary books between now and Hallowe’en.

#2 son and I have agreed to get carried away about Hallowe’en this year.

The HGP for this week has us put another meal in the freezer (I did chili for last week) and another batch of holiday goodies. We are supposed to clean our bedrooms and spend an hour each day on our handmade gifts.

9I spent the hour making soap. Not all of it will be for gifts, but some will probably make it into gift baskets.

I also spent some time yesterday cleaning my bedroom. I like Master Bedroom Week on the HGP. For one thing, my bedroom is generally tidy, so I am usually just doing deep cleaning. For another, the results last, instead of my spending hours cleaning and then having someone come in and mess the room up again in a matter of minutes.

In the course of yesterday’s cleaning, I used a tip I read in a mystery novel.

Now, just as an open note to any passing publishers, I would far rather have a good novel than cleaning tips and inferior needlework patterns, but mysteries nowadays often have a very slight story with uninteresting characters, and then have some sort of household hint or recipe. One highly forgettable book that I read recently suggested cleaning your fan blades with pine or lemon cleaner and then turning on the fan to waft the scent through the house.

I would not really want the scent of Pine-Sol or Pledge wafted through my house, but I do have a lemon verbena-scented cleaner which I quite like, so I cleaned my bedroom ceiling fan with it and sure enough, the scent was wafted through the room. I think I will do the living room ceiling fan with it as well. I have two cooking shows at my house this weekend, so a little wafting could be a good thing.

What with the cooking and cleaning and baking, plus my Pampered Chef paperwork from the week’s shows, I didn’t get to any sewing, but I did work on Ivy while reading.

There will be no sewing today either, I expect. I have rehearsal tonight, and I have my husband’s car, so I will get to the gym and do errands. I have to pay bills and get that encyclopedia article approved and sent back in. #2 daughter and I have another writing contest to work on, and I need to work at least a bit on my music for tonight, and I have some homework for tomorrow’s class, and my Wednesday class to prepare.

It is also a work day, of course. I have been struggling a bit with the current publishing project. I take the oddly-assorted state framework requirements for the topic I’m writing on, and sort them into three groups so there can be a set of theme units. For first grade, it is possible to sort it all into music, weather, and citizenship.

I started on music, and that was going pretty well. I found a very characteristic ballad, a favorite of mine when I was a child, with a good story and widespread field recordings and whatnot, and was doing materials to go with it when it suddenly struck me that the song was about adultery and child abandonment. I must find another.

So I moved on to citizenship, and was surprised to find that I had a bit of trouble with that. Not merely about making what the governor does clear to first graders, but also with the whole concept of citizenship. It’s a great topic for class discussions with older students, but in first grade it’s almost a matter of Molding Young Minds, and you know what they say about moldy little minds.

I intend to tackle the thing head-on today and wrap it up, at least enough to send a draft of that section to That Man and The Empress for review. So I suppose I had better get to it. Happy Monday to all!





4 responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    And a very happy Busy Monday to you in return….

  2. illgrindmyownthankyou Avatar

    how in the world can you knit and read at the same time? I can not even knit and talk at once.  No sewing done at my house this week end either.  When I cut out youngest daughter’s robe last week she asked if I would have it done in two weeks, of course I assured her that it would be done for her.  not looking so good at this point!

  3. CanadianNational Avatar

    I’m with illgrind – how can you knit and read at the same time? I can barely watch brain-fart tv and knit.   What scent was your soap? Looks awesome!

  4.  Avatar

    I hope you enjoyed Wintersmith, I have it on my list to read soon. I signed up for the RIP challenge as well and am looking forward to reading book 4 this week for it. Love the soap!