I thought we had agreed that it was going to be fall now (or spring, in the antipodes) and all the extreme weather was over. I was about to put out pumpkins and other orange things. And now here it is in the 90s. And the air conditioning is off, because I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that summer was still around. So we are all being sweaty and cross all over again.

Fortunately, it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you are going to be sweaty and cross, why not do it with a little piratitude?

I have written about pirates before. So I will instead mention that today, in addition to being Talk Like a Pirate Day, is also #2 son’s birthday. We celebrated yesterday with a meal with the grandparents and a cake and presents. The presents included the excellent D’Aulaire book and this neon sign, because you can never have too many neon signs in your bedroom.

We will continue today with further celebration.

Brooklyn’s left sleeve is complete. Notice the tiny quantity of ecru yarn there by the sleeve. This is obviously not enough for the second sleeve, so I will have to get more yarn before I can continue. I have therefore gone ahead and done an Elann order to go with my Knitpicks order. I think the Bawks, being cabled, will look much better in the lighter and more subtle colors of the Peruvian Highland Wool anyway. We will see.

We do not take the day off from the HGP for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Obviously, I will not be cleaning closets on such a day, or making cookies, but the shopping part of the week’s tasks can surely be done. “Arrr! Ship that ecru Den-M-Nit off to me right smartly, me beauties!” I can say, or “Avast, me hearties! No rush on that special order, as I won’t need it till Christmas, belay me!”