Monday September 20, 2004

Well, I finished it and felted it, and you would never know it was knitted. The Classic Wool doesn’t felt up as soft and fuzzy as the Lamb’s Pride, but it is nice. Cozy, interesting nubby texture. I had a few more felting projects in mind, but I may chicken out on them. The loss of the stitches continues to bother me.

I have early meetings today and tomorrow, and errands to do, and the horrible mess the house falls into when I am not up and taking care of it, and I am still feeling bad enough to find all this burdensome. I am also worrying that I will not be able to finish the quilt by October 5th. Or The Empress’s chemise by the 10th. Especially since #1 son has lollygagged around so much that I also have to drive him to school. Whine, whine, whine.







One response to “Monday September 20, 2004”

  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    #1 son should be poked in the forehead sometimes. I still a big fan of tackling him and branding him with a marker while making wild yawlping noises.

    Ahem. That being beside the point, the reason I connected goofing off with superior intellect or talent, is because I felt that if there were any confusion present in those students who were hanging from the figurative rafters, they would be shutting up and asking rather than playing around. It’s not that the intelligence itself made them uncontrollable, but rather that they were uncontrollable because they understood things so well that they did not need any instruction.