I’ve got the fronts and the back of my cardie finished.  The pieces fit together, and it seems pretty well on its way to becoming a wearable garment.

I could now go on and make the sleeves, and be ready if it ever becomes fall here. However, I might ought to put it away and make Christmas presents instead.

This evening we were working in choir (this is the community choir, one of the four or so I’m in) on our Latin. No one knows what Latin sounds like, so there are a lot of different styles. Often, a choir director will have a favorite, and will direct all the Latin pieces in that style.

Not this director. He has us sing some songs in Italianate Latin and some in Germanic and then there is “academic Latin.” We not only have to remember the different kinds, but also which song goes with which kind of Latin, and we have to remember this while we sing fugues.

Yesterday was #2 son’s birthday. We’ve been trying to get a cake to him with the help of Twitter, a remarkably dim bakery worker in the town where he goes to school, and the Parent Relationship Office. He hasn’t gotten it yet. He spent his birthday in Dallas (we don’t live in Texas, in case you were wondering) with an injured knee, playing Ultimate Frisbee anyway.