The cat, Nadia, was very relaxed yesterday.

I wasn’t quite that relaxed, but very nearly. I cleaned the living room (though I didn’t succeed in getting my menfolks to help me move the office furniture out of there), made a nice spinach and mushroom quiche, bought a new vacuum cleaner (amazing sale at Target), and did a good bit of work on the new forthcoming website, as well as on the chocolatier’s site.

I answered some potential clients. I graded lots of papers. I caught up on the laundry.

Apart from that, I rested. I now feel quite my old self again.

In fact, there was one point last night when I just felt so happy because my stomach didn’t hurt and I could think clearly that it almost makes having been sick worthwhile.

Not quite. I have a looming deadline for a subject who’s really hard to get hold of. I got a call Friday afternoon saying he’d see me if I’d rush right over, but I was in bed and missed it. I called back a couple of hours later and he had left for the weekend. I haven’t yet engaged a photographer, though I have some emails out. I think this will provide the main events of the day.