Since, on Saturday, I took bad pictures before the show and during the show, all that was left for yesterday’s open house was to take bad pictures after the show.

So here they are. These are Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies.

This was #2 son’s favorite. “If I ate as many as I want,” he said, “I would be sick.” I figured that this counted as high praise from a sixteen year old boy.

I think that eating one whole serving of this might make me sick, frankly, but a bite was quite nice.

Here is a Mint Silk Torte or something like that. I could look up the proper name of it, but I am too lazy to do so.

I really like this. I would like to be able to tell you that it is low in fat and full of healthful ingredients, but I would be lying if I said that.

I will say that you will not see it again on these pages (screens?) until the holidays. I have done my Open House and my practicing, and there will be no more of these shenanigans.


The ladies were very nice about my show. “You’re good at this,” they said. Mrs. M said I might like to do this full time some day, a suggestion which I rejected. I mentioned that I had thought I might not be perky enough for this job, but they disagreed. “You’re personable,” said the Computer Scientist. “That’s better.”

Then she suggested that some people might not understand when I was joking. I assured her that, while I am not a sensitive person, I can usually catch on to when people are too dim to understand my jokes, and modify my behavior.

They laughed. Of course, I speak a lot more freely with friends than I do with strangers. I count anyone who happens to read this as a friend, just for convenience’s sake.

The party was fun. It was all friends of mine, so we sat around chatting and laughing and having fun. There was some shopping, as well — it counts as a show, and I will receive some free goodies — but it was mostly fun.

The discussion of funerals was downright rollicking, only slightly less so that the discussion of alien reproductive organs (don’t ask). Suwana has a plan to have her ashes distributed hither and yon across France; she has funds for her family to take a nice vacation to do this. I would think that grief would interfere, but maybe if they wait a year they could enjoy it.

I proposed a database at the church to keep track of everyone’s funeral hymn selections. I figured this would allow us to avoid all having the same hymn, but it was not a popular idea. Everyone plans to have a long funeral in order to accommodate all the hymns they’ve chosen, and no one minds repetition.

We also talked about our families, books, food, cooking, farming technology, and medicine, but those conversations could not be described as rollicking.

After the party, I did my paperwork and then watched a bit of the Monk marathon with my family.

I have no shows scheduled for this week, though I do have two for the first week of October. The goal is two shows a week, so I am not meeting that goal for this week. However, I am looking forward to having some time off. Sleeping, you know. Maybe sewing.

Today, though, it is back to the salt mines. I have a delivery to make and a book to work on, and homework and a rehearsal.

Happy Monday!