Yesterday I was very laid back.

I was on my way to church and my husband asked if I was planning to drive. “Nah,” I said.
“It’s going to rain.”
“That’s all right.”
“You’ll get wet.”
“That’s all right. I won’t melt.”

The walk over was very nice. The air was moist, and in the 80s, which was a relief from the upper 90s temperatures we have been having, and scented with pine. There were piles of blossom at the feet of the crape myrtles, and even the occasional fallen leaf.

The ribald old ladies were not in Sunday School yesterday, possibly because of the rain, and the rest of us were rather serious about the lesson. We all work, and have kids to take care of. There was no cackling at all, and not even much laughter. It is definitely more bracing when they are there to lighten us up.

After lunch, I gathered up my various projects and did some knitting while assorted boys set themselves in front of assorted screens. I had made them nachos and snickerdoodles, and then I just went to my bedroom and left them alone. Pinky and #2 son were crashing racecars on the PS2, but they probably won’t let that spill over into real life.

The Headline News cap, being modelled backwards in order to preserve anonymity for #2 son. Man, he has long hair, doesn’t he? Though he blends into the background well enough that you may not notice that. But I like the hat in its final form.

This was done in Wool-Ease — it took less than one skein. I think it would be nice in cotton, too, for warm weather. I used an old vinyl placemat for the inside brim stiffening, and elastic thread held together with the wool for the ribbing.

I did lots of modifications of the crown, but left the brim as it was in the pattern. I do not like the M1 increases for this, though. The lining for the brim shows through. If I make more, I will use another, less obtrusive increase.

This type of cap is worn a lot on the Chappelle Show. This is a vulgar and offensive program which I normally would have asked #1 son to turn off. Yesterday, though, I tolerated it, and thus had the opportunity to see many example of newsie caps before I left the room.

Here is the third Bawk, in the very early stages. I began it on #2 Skacel bamboo needles, since my gauge on #3s was too large. These are the little “natura” bamboo needles from the Addi folks that people rave about. I was nearly raving, too, though in a different sense, because they are just too short. Now, I know from reading the knitting blogs that most people don’t use them with worsted weight wool, so perhaps it is all my fault — I always have to use smaller needles than other folks to make the gauge right. Just a relaxed knitter, I suppose. But this pattern is intended to be made on dpns, and I have no more than 28 stitches on any needle, so it is not an unreasonable thing I am asking of these needles. I switched to some longer #3s. Even if the Bawk is a bit large, it will be worth it not to have to wrestle with these stunted needles. (And why do I not have another, longer pair of #2 dpns?)

They are lovely and smooth, though, just as everyone says. And they were just right for reknitting the crown of the Headline News cap. They were $10 a set at my LYS, so I don’t know that I would recommend picking them up to keep on hand for finicky work, but since I have them, that is what I will use them for. Because even if you are not sweating small stuff, you often still have small stuff to deal with.

There is a perfectly wonderful tool that I am excited about, though: needle markers. See how there is a wee yellow bit on the cable of the needle holding Brooklyn’s sleeve? It has on it the size of the needle. Is this not clever? (Nonknitters — normally we have to check the needle with the gauge tool by pushing it through the holes till we find the one that fits.) If you are doing circular knitting, you take the marker off and tie it to the tail of your project till you finish; then put it back on the needle. These were from Knitpicks. I haven’t seen them elsewhere, but they are probably around. They are made by Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

Here is the information you need to join in a knitted wedding. Not only are all knitters and their friends invited to attend, but we are also invited to send our knitted flowers, doves, and whatnot to the site ahead of time. There are links to patterns for nuptial gear, for those of us who don’t have any knitted wedding cake patterns hanging around. Thanks to Life de Luxe for pointing this out — I think I would have missed it otherwise. Not that I plan to attend. But it is a good example of not taking things too seriously.

#2 son told me how he and the Falcon rode the Trick Trike down the hill. They just kept going faster and faster and the Falcon said, “We’re gonna die.”

“Nah,” said #2 son, “we’ll just land on our heads. But I have learned from experience that you should keep your head up. Especially if you wear glasses.”

#2 son is a naturally laid-back guy. When he was small, his motto was “Stay calm, stay cool, and snap into action.”

Both boys have long, hideous scabs on their arms and legs. However, since they kept their heads up, they did not die. Here’s to a laid-back day for all.