Here are the gargantuan, floppy, not-yet-felted slippers. I got these finished up yesterday, and made cookies to donate to the AAUW’s Gridiron Show, and  put two casseroles in the freezer, and took the smaller dog for a walk.

Much of this knitting took place while I watched Leverage. I’m enjoying this program a lot. The hacker reminds us all of #2 son, in his attitude and self-presentation.

#1 daughter is under the weather, but #2 and I had a bit of a meeting on a little project we’re attempting. We think we’ve figured out how to help artists and craftspeople get a usable website at a low rate. I’m excited about the idea. We have so many local people who have no website, or one that doesn’t help them at all, and just scrape by with their businesses. It’s a bit of a mission for us. It could also turn out to be profitable; we’ll just have to see.

It’s Master Bath week at the HGP, so we should clean the master bath thoroughly. We should freeze another meal and another batch of cookies. We should buy extra canned goods for the Holiday and Charity boxes. We should continue spending an hour a day working on our homemade gifts.

This is also the week to make sure that everyone in the family has something to wear for holiday celebrations, and to make a thoughtful list of things your kids might need, in case relatives ask.

We should buy 1/8 of the presents we plan to buy, wrap and label them, and have them ready for mailing ig they need to be mailed.

Just letting you know.

Today I have lots going on. However, I think I always have lots going on, and I want that to continue to be the case. Therefore, I intend to make it to the gym anyway.