9 Lace is taking place.

We all know that you can’t tell anything at all about lace while it’s on the needles, but I think this will be a nice tailored sort of lace pretty soon here. I’m going to end some of these lines in the next row so they’ll be different lengths, not an overall design, and continue one row up the sides once I stop with the triangular bit and get to the rectangle part.

Yesterday’s music was pretty bad, I have to say. The rest of the day was nice, though. I enjoyed visiting with #1 daughter, did some knitting and lolling, caught up on my French practice, and did a bit of work that was sitting around waiting to be done.

#1 daughter and I continued our discussions on whether the world is flat and how much it matters. I see that Friedman has a new book out, Flat, Hot and Crowded, that looks at global warming through the eyes of economics. If economics can be said to have eyes. I may have to read it without waiting for the paperback.

So far today I have had lots of fun with analytics (let’s admit right now that I have always had a secret fondness for quantifying information) on behalf of my Dark Art Lite people, applied for some stuff at oDesk (and they are looking for experienced¬†people to write hip-hop lyrics, in case you know anyone), responded to email queries from a housebuilder and a jeweler, and sent out my invoices. Since I usually don’t get this done till the absolute last minute on the last day of the month, thus inconveniencing everyone, I am proud of myself for this.

I’m now going to talk a walk in the lovely cool fall air and then settle down to the day’s jobs. I’ve got oDesk and a pro bono job, a few blogs, and just possibly a bit of SEO for my own site, which is still languishing on page two through neglect. Sigh. If you have a spot where you could harmlessly give me a link, you’d be doing a good deed.