Here are my two DNAs, one on 5s and the other on 1s. Having ascertained that I had enough yarn to make two scarves, I had decided to complete both, and to give one to #1 daughter. However, she tells me that she would like hers to be in cream.I still feel that the 1s make an unnecessarily tense fabric; on the other hand, I also feel that following the pattern the first time you make a thing is wise. I may compromise by frogging both and making one with 3s.

I may also get back to my quilt. However, I am fairly deeply into my book, and enjoying the laziness of lying around all day reading and knitting (apart, of course, from cooking and cleaning). James has followed the tradition of making his detective quirky, but has taken it a bit further than usual, making him not merely an expat or a Southerner, but an expat, a Southerner, gay, and a vampire. Perhaps the author is himself a gay Southern expat and didn’t think of those as quirks. Then, realizing that all detectives nowadays must have quirks, he thought “What the heck! I’ll make him a vampire!”