My LYS set up this tasty-looking table setting of yarn. It has nothing to do with my post today, but I thought you might like to see it.

Yesterday my duet in church made people cry, always a good thing. Then #1 daughter headed back south. We had A Talk about her life first. I usually don’t interfere in my grown kids’ lives much, but she said she was unhappy, so I meddled a bit. It probably wasn’t useful of me.

The plans to enlarge my little freelance practice into a Firm depend on both the girls continuing to want to do it. I worry a bit about the possibility of continuing to grow at my current pace and then not having any partners. A friend of mine said not to worry about this, since I could always hire someone, but I really don’t want to supervise people. I never liked that. Later, though, #2 daughter called to talk about whether we could become designers ourselves, thus solving the lack of designer problem. This was encouraging — if she’s willing to learn new skills for the purpose, she’s probably fairly serious.

I tend to think of web design as something that requires talent, but #2 daughter is optimistic about the possibility that we could learn it. I need to brush up my HTML anyway since I want to retake my certification test (I passed, but not with the score I wanted) in a couple of weeks. So we think we’ll work on it some in our copious free time.

I’ve also done three squares of row #5 of the Dutchman’s Puzzle quilt. We were lolling around yesterday watching movies, but with occasional spurts of making things. #2 son made T-shirts and a hemp bracelet. I made Tuscan Sausage and Bean Stew for lunch and beef stew for dinner and the first HGP freezer meal, and a couple of quilt squares. I contemplated trying to make them extremely accurate, like with pointed triangles, but decided that it would look odd if I achieved it, having the last row of the piecing accurate while all the rest was not.

I did a little proofreading job for a weight loss website. They advocate eating 500 calories a day of lean protein and vegetables for four to six weeks, and I expect that would cause a person to lose weight.

A couple of my kids thought I shouldn’t take the job, and I see their point, but I figure as long as the company’s business is legal, they might as well have good grammar. I don’t know if that’s the right attitude or not.

#2 son is still here today, though he’s asleep at the moment. I don’t know how long he’ll be here, but I have a date with Partygirl this morning, so I may leave and find him gone when I come home. I suggested that he come home once a month, but he said that one aspect of being in college was increasing one’s independence, so he doesn’t plan to come home again till Thanksgiving.

He says that kind of thing. He also uses the word “abrasion” in casual conversation. And yet, as we all had to admit in a conversation we had this weekend, the most common word people use to describe him is “adorable.” Naturally, he sees this as a negative.