#1 daughter’s birthday was this week. I made her a cake and took it and lunch to her at her office.

I also made challah this week, using a New York Times recipe recommended by a client.

I’m finishing up my weeks focusing on morning and evening routines. I’ve added lemon water in the mornings, plus supplements. I put fish oil into my fruit and vegetable smoothie, and I take multivitamin plus a supplement claiming to get rid of age spots. I’m also waking to light, not an alarm.

In the evening, I’ve changed the order of things. Now I have my healthy dinner right after work (exercising while it’s  cooking) and then clean the kitchen and do other household chores. I get my shower and skin care routine done and get ready for bed by 8:00. That’s needlework time. At 9:00 I go to bed and 10:00 is lights out.

The thing that’s not so great is my exercise routine. I bought my husband a Roku TV for Christmas, and the Wii can’t plug in to it. So I moved the Wii to the sewing room, where it works fine with the TV — but the Roku remotes do not, so I can’t watch the news while I step.

My treadmill is also not working. I don’t why all these things are not working, but I will figure it out over the weekend.

I did take a physical walk out in the world yesterday. That was nice.