January, under the time management system I use, is the Month of Self.  Not the time to reorganize your home or take on charitable projects or even double down on work projects, but the time to think about your life and do the Clearing, the budget, the goals and resolutions. Plan the year, choose a Word, spend time in reflection, make a Dream Board, and generally get ready for an awesome year.

So I spent some time yesterday morning in reflection and planning, and I have spent a lot of time with my planner, determining the things I need and want to track. I’m already taking action on my goals and resolutions, of course, but I’m also beginning to feel ready to take action on my home and I’m going to have to take action on my wardrobe. I’m thinking about the garden and

I read and knitted and cleaned house a bit, and then #1 son brought his little family over for dinner. We had a Whole30 dinner (with rice, but not for me) and the grandchildren helped me make the salad. My husband went out and bought soda for them, but basically they had wholesome foods and nobody died. Lots of veggies: squash, Napa cabbage, carrots, radicchio, spinach, sweet peppers, mushrooms, snow peas, cucumbers, asparagus, and salad greens. I think the adults liked them, and the kids will surely cozy up to one or more if they meet them socially, as it were, more often. We’ll see.

We played games. We have a lot of games at our house, for kids and adults. The little ones have trouble with winning and with losing, but I figure some practice will help them be more gracious.

It was fun.

Today I have work to do, and church, and lunch with friends. I hope to do some sewing, but I have book reviews due in addition to some finish-up needed from last week, so that may not be possible. Also, I’m not feeling well this morning. It feels like allergies — sore throat, swollen eyes, sniffling. Might get better after Wii Fit and a cup of tea.

But Sunday morning malaise is a frequent feature of my life, and one that I’ve previously associated with Saturday rich foods, which were not on the scene this week, or Saturday outdoor time among the allergens, which also didn’t take place. I took 7,797 steps, read an analog book rather than watching screens in the evening, ate good things… and still feel under the weather this morning.

Whole30 lunch

It’s a couple of hours till church. I might feel better by then. I hope.