In the system I learned for housekeeping, January is the Month of Self, the month to be self-centered. This is the month when we think about ourselves, our future, the changes we want to make, stuff like that. Self includes health, so we clean up our pantries and kitchens, bathrooms and cabinets — all the parts of our homes that are about self-care.

February is for relationships, and of course Lent makes it about our relationships with God, too. Since it’s relationship month, it’s also the month to clean and fix up the bedroom. Good time to think about underwear, too, in between contemplation of the Trinity and self-examination for sin.

March is my birthday month, and time to focus on wardrobe and make up and such. April is for gardens, and May is for crafts and projects.

June and July are for learning new things, traveling, and vacation. It’s summer, so it’s time to kick back, and also time to work around complex conference schedules and school calendars.  August is back to school, time to get back to regular schedules and habits.

September is a second New Year, a time for fresh starts. Time to clean the living room and other main living areas before we move into the holiday season, too.

October is Hallowe’en, November is Thanksgiving, December is Christmas, and then it’s time to start again.

The past week:

rt-1-18 fb-1-18

Almost 46 hours at the computer plus all those meetings, and I’m beginning to feel caught up. Back up to 80% productivity. Steps, however, were up and down and all over the place, something which I am blaming on all those meetings. However, I know that I could get up and get to my workout instead of getting up and getting to work. Still, I had 3 days of 5,000 steps+. I’m still working on my self.