I felt pretty successful with my mood board even though it was all digital. However, the instructions for the DYW project specify a physical collage from fashion magazines. Accordingly, when I found myself in a bookstore today, I picked up a fashion mag. I’d already read Elle  in the dentist’s waiting room and the Fall Fashion issue of Vogue cost too much, so I picked up InStyle.

What sort of mood does a picture like this one suggest? The mood is generally supposed to be an adjective plus noun like Adventure-Ready Chic or Timeless Romance. So this girl with her messy hair and skinny legs splayed beneath a hunched figure vaguely wrapped in clashing clothes — what mood does she express? Narcotic Fog? Hopeless Derangement? The Photographer Is Playing a Trick on Me?

Why shouldn’t fashion spreads show healthy, happy, graceful women in clothing that looks like people would wear it for professional or social life?

I can’t answer that question. I did go back and buy Vogue. I made a mood board.

Apparently it’s all about the jackets this season.