Today I had lunch with Mr. Happiness. We caught up on all the good industry gossip. When I arrived, he had a black folder on the table, so I assumed there was a subtext, but apparently not. We just had a good talk. There might have been a “We should collaborate more” subtext, actually, but basically it was a good talk.

A check arrived, work got done, the new heater was installed, papers were graded, more work got done. Then it was off to Master Chorale, where the director told us to sing like the flower carpet in Brussels. Also like Godiva chocolate. It sounded pretty good.

I got home and synced my Fitbit and got my first “Hooray” in months. I think this means that I am getting back on track.



I am at the top of the leaderboard, in fact, if that is indeed a leaderboard.


However, I took only 76% of the steps I should have taken to meet the 10,000 step goal. Still, I met all three of the Fitness Habits:

  • Exercise 30 minutes a day
  • Eat three wholesome meals each day, at normal mealtimes
  • Track those meals with Fitbit.

I have meetings tomorrow and Wednesday but — so far — not on Thursday. Thursday can be all writing all day. It will be, I think, the first day I’ve had to myself so far this month.

However, the fact that I got a “hooray” and all green on the habits (all the Rich Habits, actually — it’s just that these three are the one that are hard for me) even though I am in this stressful condition shows that I can do what I should even when there is a lot going on in my life. That’s when I let the good habits fall by the wayside. Not today, though, so maybe also not tomorrow.