An interesting (well, maybe only to me) effect from yesterday’s normal careless eating: while I didn’t gain any weight, I find that today I am filled with desire for the Evil 6. Or at least for the three of the Evil 6 that I actually find interesting. Thank goodness I don’t desperately crave artificial sweeteners and tofu as well.

I tried out eBay. I have resisted it all this time because it has already seemed as though it would be irritating.

It is.

I had not quite enough fabric for the Norfolk Rose bedspread. There was a used store-bought Norfolk Rose bedspread for the same price as the fabric at eBay. I put in my bid and figured I would just pay that if no one else offered more. Then I got an email saying I needed to increase my bid by fifty cents.

That seemed reasonable. That is not how it works, though. You put in the fifty cents and they say you’ve been outbid and you now have to add a dollar. They do this over and over. Eventually I began to feel that I should keep sending the price up just to make the other person feel as much irritation as I did.

Then they show you other options for the items you’ve been outbid on.

Irritating. I’ll never do this again.

Also irritating is the fact that, between my illness and a slew of restaurant meals, I’ve lost no more weight. So 10 pounds in January and 1 pound in February. I’ll get back to being vigilant abotu the Evil 6 and see if that gets me back on track.