I still woke myself up at the hotel when there were no animals to wake me. I still couldn’t get eight hours of sleep. Add the noisy  animals and I’m getting five to seven hours.


So I got up this morning after five and a half hours of dog-whining-punctuated sleep and got to work on the upcoming conference. Then I wrote some blog posts, did some interesting social media strategizing and implementation, and talked with my daughters.

I moved on to the interesting project I had scheduled today, delegated some other tasks to make that work. Around 2:00 I took a break for lunch and then I had a great call with a favorite client, digging into analytics and figuring out strategy. That was followed by a good little face to face with the Art Professor.

I didn’t get all my work done, but it was a good and satisfying day. I had just enough connection with other people, a good amount of creativity, some challenging work, and some completion.

Tomorrow at 8:00 I have another little conference, so I was determined to take this evening off.

I stopped working on time, did the Wii Fit I skipped first thing in the morning, and called out for pizza. A big bowl of strawberries and two slices of thin pizza with vegetables was dinner, and that’s not too bad.

I reached another milestone in weight loss today, and I don’t want to backslide again. But I think lack of sleep and overworking are the enemies of my healthy resolutions.

So this will be a non-working evening. With an early bedtime.