One of my goals for this year is paying down debt. I chose a goal amount to put into this each month. I’ve been investing close to twice as much as my goal amount each month, including this month. But I also did some shopping in the past couple of months that perhaps I should not have. And I’m tempted to do some more.

Keeping track of my expenses has shown me that I spend on food, shelter, and clothing… and books and craft supplies. A little bit of travel this year and I’m promising myself to spend more on travel once the debt is paid off.

Food, shelter, and clothing seem like reasonable things to spend money on, and a lot of my expenditure on books and craft supplies is actually about food, shelter, and clothing.

I’m about to go into ridiculous amounts of detail on some possible expenditures. Feel free to go elsewhere and read something more interesting.

First, think about bras. I’ve lost more than 100 pounds over the past few years, and have changed bra size only once. I was fortunate enough to get half a dozen bras to test in a smaller size than the largest size I owned, but I wore distinctly too-big bras for years. I imagine that nobody noticed, but that may be false.

I finally bought a cheap bra in the right size this month. I was amazed by how much more comfortable it is to wear the right size.

But one bra is not enough. Certainly not for someone who isn’t willing to launder her delicates every couple of days. Could I pick pop a couple more cheap bras? Now that I’m less buxom, I might not need the engineering involved in a $60.00 bra.

What’s more, I have a couple of bra-making kits. I’ve sewn a bra before and I am sure I could do it again. I might be able to stitch up a couple of bras over the weekend.

On the other hand, I own about a dozen $60 bras. Half off them were for review, but the others I bought five years ago at least. They are all in excellent shape. So it seems as though they were good investments — I’ve certainly spent no more than a penny per wearing on each. Buying a couple of good bras in the right size could be a sensible expenditure.

And I obviously need to take the old ones to charity.

Next, what about another little dress kit from la Drogeurie? They have a super cute offering for summer.

It’s about $40 for the pattern and fabric and notions. And the shipping is significant, of course. But I saw another cute indie pattern for a girl’s dress today — and just the pattern was $20.95. The Lecci dress has been very successful, and I will have two little granddaughters.

If I add enough more lovely stuff to justify the shipping… They have colorwork kits with exactly the right amounts of each yarn, instead of having to buy a full skein for the fox’s nose. In the long run, I’m not sure they’re more expensive than a local shop. And ready to wear baby clothes from Paris run $75 per dress.

Does a grandmother have to hesitate to buy materials to create clothes for her grand babies?

Okay, I bought a bathing suit. I think I had to, if I plan to swim at all this year. And I bought the book at the top of this post, because… well, perhaps I have a serious need to make kitted animal friends. Okay, maybe not. Have I just gotten off my money-saving rails and gotten into the habit of spending? Should I be adding to my savings account, getting my car maintained (we just spent several husband on my husband’s car), or working toward three times my goal instead of two?

Or should I go ahead and enjoy buying a couple of good bras and some awesome craft supplies?


Coming back to say… I did the shopping. Now I will get back to No-Spend days.