New research suggests that brain fluid cleans out the brain while we sleep, preventing Alzheimer’s. Our muscles build strength while we sleep, too. Sleep is important.

For the last month I’ve averaged eight hours of sleep a night, or close to. This is about an hour more than usual. I’ve done this by ignoring my alarm. I’ve gotten up around 7:00 most days, instead of 6:00.

Should I change my alarm? Maybe just do without one?

Perhaps the question is this: what has had to go in order to allow for the extra hour of sleep? Well, I am still working my 40 or so hours each week, and I’m exercising most days, though not stepping it up. I’m not as likely to do skincare and makeup. Housekeeping is as hit and miss as always. I’m doing a good bit of knitting, still, and making my way through Shakespeare and Hathaway. Rest, in other words.

So it’s a swap of self-care in the form of sleep for self-care in the form of getting products onto my face? Sounds fair.