I had over eight hours of productive work time yesterday — plus 3 hours of phone calls and meetings. That’s what work is like, right? Rescue Time continues to think I’m slacking off when I do research for blog posts I’m writing, so I think I hit my 80% productivity as well as the 5 hours goal.


I also had 30 minutes of very active time, but no other green marks. I didn’t stop working till 10:00 last night and that plus the rain kept me from taking the dog out. Still our standard walk these days is only about 1100 steps, so I might have gotten green for calories, but still wouldn’t have reached 10,000 steps.

I made lots of efforts to get movement into my day, walking while on the phone and dancing around the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. I think it’s clear, though, that I’m not going to reach 10,000 steps without some larger changes.