Today my Wii Fit told me I weigh 125 pounds. This is what I weighed in college. It’s 100 pounds for 5′ plus 5 pounds more for each additional inch of my height. By these traditional measures, it’s my perfect weight.

My measurements are quite different from when I was in college. I was a classic 36-24-36 girl in those days. But I’m a size 8.

If I get any thinner, I’ll have to buy or make more clothes and get rid of some pieces I bought or made and hardly had a chance to wear. I’m actually at that point now, just in denial over getting rid of those clothes.

I’m not being crazy (or orthorexic) about food. I eat snacks and sweets. I strive to do the healthiest EMS (eat-move-sleep) I personally can, and keep trying to improve. It’s about my health.

But today my husband asked if the meal I made for our dinner was for a diet. Now, I have lost over 100 pounds over several years. Just a few pounds during this calendar year. You’d think if he were going to ask me about dieting, it would have come up before. He has actually never said a word about my weight loss.

I asked him some questions, trying to figure out the motivation for the question. Maybe he had just learned the word “diet” and was trying it out.

In any case, I don’t think I need or want to lose more weight. I think I’m where I should be.