The Baby came over this morning with #1 daughter. I tried to take a picture, but she kept coming up to the phone. She likes phones a lot. She kisses the phone and pushes the buttons.

It was a happy visit. She walked around and around, the first time I’ve seen her toddling along with complete confidence. We played with toys, I read her stories, she got into everything in her reach, and she tried to catch the cat. Fortunately, she failed. She gave her Grandpa kisses.

My husband works nights, so he tends to get left out of family gatherings unless they’re first thing in the morning. #1 daughter is trying to bring the Baby by on enough mornings that her daddy gets to spend time with them.

I ran some errands after that, listening in the car to Fear by Bob Woodward. The section I heard today detailed the attempts by Trump’s cabinet to help him understand the reality of manufacturing in America.

In Woodward’s recreation of the process, one person after another tried to explain that the US is no longer a manufacturing country. Our economy is now based on services. Americans don’t want to work in manufacturing, they don’t want their kids to work in manufacturing, and they don’t want to pay the prices of goods made in America.

They didn’t point out that automation has changed manufacturing and continues to do so. The joke is that the factory of the future will employ one man and one dog. The man’s job is to feed the dog. The dog’s job is to bite the man if he tries to touch the machinery.

My husband works on a factory floor. It’s still hard work and he works nights, as I mentioned. It’s not a well-paid union job, though. He makes less than he did a decade ago, less than I do, less than our kids do. He works with machines and there is no dog there to bite him. Maybe next year.

Trump ignored all the facts presented to him. He shopped around till he found someone who agreed with him and put that guy in charge of things. He let his team fight it out amongst themselves.

But of course he also tweeted reckless stupid things, apparently his method of getting past all the people trying to help him deal with reality rather than his imagination.

We have elections coming up. Our political clients are largely waiting to see what happens.This makes me think that it matters.

I have bread rising and I filled one bag of trash from the office, which is not much but it may have to be enough. I’m now going to make lunch and then return to my knitting.