My son gave me a kit from Lambspun in Ft. Collins. It included Prism, one of my favorite yarns, and a simple pattern for a skinny scarf knitted in the mosaic stitch called “Cable.”

“Cable” is from Barbara Walker’s book Mosaic Knitting. This is one of the very few books on this type of knitting, and it is not inexpensive, but it contains clear instructions on mosaic knitting and 380 mosaic knitting patterns.

There are allover patterns.

There are bands and borders which could be combined like Fair Isle patterns. I’ve also seen them used very prettily as edgings on sweaters.

There are a few representations of things like the butterfly above and the crowns below. Imps and insects are common motifs.

They’re not necessarily as lovely as stranded knitting patterns, but they’re much simpler to knit. Each row uses just one color. You knit the main color stitches and slip the contrasting color. The row is purled as it presents itself going back, and then the color is changed. The charts, in black and white, are knitted either in stockinette (as described) or in garter stitch. In either case they’re made with a dark and a light color.

For obvious reasons, the technique is also known as slip stitch color work.

The picture above shows a sock I knitted by this method a few years ago. The picture below shows the completed pair.

It’s a nice geometric pattern and I wear those socks to this day.

I think the scarf, in a pretty cinnamon pink and white, is knitting up very nicely. I wonder whether a sweater in one of the more graceful patterns would make good use of some of the Prism I have in my stash.

Walker described the technique as “new” in her book, and it still is not very common. There are a couple of other books on the subject at Amazon, but I haven’t looked inside them.


Oddly, AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary is listed in a search for “Mosaic Knitting,” but it doesn’t contain mosaic knitting patterns. Of course, it’s also not a stitch dictionary.

Googling the technique shows accessories rather than sweaters. But I also have leftover Madeline Tosh Vintage –enough for further accessories in several colors, not enough for a sweater. So accessories might be just the thing.

In any case, I am enjoying the kit very much.