We gathered for Mother’s Day lunch at #1 son’s house. “We have lots of mothers here!” the Little Girl said with glee.

She was right. She had two of her grandmothers there, her great-grandmother, her own mother, and her aunt, mother of her cousin the Baby.

We also had the Good Ol’ Boy, the Little Boy, the Baby, some husbands, and her great-uncle. Specifically, the DIL’s mother was there with her third husband and her son, who appeared to be the same age, about the same as #1 son.

#1 son made sliders: BBQ chicken and turkey burgers. He cut up melon and broccoli and set them out with blueberries, pita chips and spinach-artichoke dip, plus meatballs in cranberry-chili sauce. It was a very nice lunch.

There was conversation and playing with the kids and the dog. It was very pleasant.

#2 daughter sent me a peony-scented spa basket. I plan to use that this evening, then get into my Liberty lawn nightgown. Then I’ll go to bed and read Colin Watson novels –the publisher reissuing them is sending me all of them for review. There are chocolates, too, if I find myself in the mood for that.