#2 son came up this morning. He brought a loaf of his handmade bread with cranberries, pecans, and wild rice. He made frittata (or perhaps more accurately, Spanish tortilla) and we discussed laissez-faire vs. command and control systems while he worked. Okay, I also grated a block of Gruyere, so it wasn’t all one-sided.

#1 daughter and the Baby joined us late for blueberry mousse cake. We spent a lot of the afternoon laughing at and about the Baby, who tried to carry around a bear bigger than herself, stuffed wrapping paper into my cowboy boots, and got a major kick out of walking on the treadmill with the help of her uncle and grandpa. We also discussed drug laws and thus I guess got back to the laissez-faire issue.

Later still, #2 son took me and my husband to dinner. He also brought me some more sourdough starter to replace the starter which was foully murdered.

Things are blooming, but ti was still chilly.

The boys are heading out on a backpacking trip before #2 son goes to his summer home. I think it’s pretty cool that he has a summer home.

I did not have my planned vacation. There might be another opportunity before the end of the year; I’m staying open to the possibility. But there is a while lot of work to be done so I will just be slightly jealous of #2 son.

The weekend has zoomed by, and I have interesting tasks to do tomorrow. I’m also hoping that tomorrow will herald a return to normalcy, healthy habits, housekeeping, and such. Today has been a good punctuation.