Nantucket_Jacket2 I worked yesterday morning and took the afternoon for reading and knitting, taking the dogs for a walk with my husband, and hanging out with him now that we’re back to being Empty Nesters.

In the evening, I went to get another skein of yarn to start the shoulder shaping on the Nantucket Jacket — and discovered that I have only three skeins left. So, let’s see, I had ten skeins, I’ve completed the back and most of the right front… we don’t need to do any math to figure out that I don’t have enough yarn to finish it.

This means that I have now bought too little yarn for two sweaters in a row. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I suppose I could argue that the yarn for the Nantucket Jacket was not bought for the pattern and that it had already been started before the learning experience of #2 son’s sweater, but still…

#2 son’s sweater turned out fine — I was able to buy more and finish it up. The Nantucket Jacket, however, was being made in a discontinued color I bought a bag of a couple of years ago. No chance of getting more.

Clearly, I will have to frog all those hours and hours of cabling and do something else with the yarn. I can’t face that right now, though. I will have to wait until I recover somewhat from the idea of it and can bring myself to tear it all out.

In the meantime, I’ve begun a scarf in the handspun mohair I bought in Colorado. I swatched some lace and discovered that a) it is too fluffly and uneven to show the pattern well and b) it is nearly impossible to frog. I think I also need this to be easy enough to knit on the plane to Florida, given that I am being so slow at knitting these days that I will probably still be knitting it when I go. I’m therefore planning to use the scarf pattern from Lacy Little Knits. I started it in a smooth silk a while back and found it too severely geometric, but I think this yarn needs to be the show off. I’m tempted to use it for another Southern Snowfall scarf, actually, but I think something more lacy is called for.

Work today, and church, and perhaps some housework.