We made a good start on a Rubik’s cube cake last night.

Then we played boules on the lawn.

The Little Girl saw the Bun and asked for one of her own. I think she will get George the Dog.

So the title of the book that inspired me is Eat Move Sleep. I’m doing this backwards, because it’s easier that way. But I went to the website and got a plan.

Sleeping is something I’ve been working on, and I think I need new information or ideas on that. Moving? I’m doing my 30 minutes no-excuses most days, but there are definitely excuses in use.

So last night I played boules with my family and then cleaned the kitchen and went to bed to read at my normal time. That means that I was walking or standing most of the three hours I might usually spend binge-watching Netflix while I knit.

Boules is not a very athletic game, but I did have a brief spell of sore muscles in my back this morning. Sore muscles used to be a regular part of my life, but not any more. Obviously I need to move more.

I was also outside, something else that is way too rare in my life.

So Day 1 of my plan includes “Think of one specific change you can make right now to add activity to your daily routine.” Right now I have 30 minutes of low impact cardio first thing in the morning (when I don’t have excuses) and 10 minutes of strength while dinner cooks. Maybe my first step is to be more consistent — make sure I actually get those things done every day.

I also want to add some outdoor time to my weekends. True, I need time alone and value the creativity involved in making things, but surely I can fit in a trip to the farmers market or walking a trail or something.