Here is my bedroom before. Below you can see the same corner, after.


The first picture showed my side of the bed, with my nightstand. Below you can see my side of the bed, with my nightstand.


The most perspicacious reader will have noticed that I turned the bed around.

I didn’t change the colors, the bedding, the pictures, or buy anything. I didn’t even clear off my husband’s nightstand. I just moved furniture a little bit.

True, I am now sleeping nearest the door. An old-fashioned man doesn’t like this, since naturally he wants to be ready to leap up and decapitate any marauders with his handy snickersnee before they can reach his wife. I offered to swap.

But even with this openmindedness and the measliness of the change, my husband is upset.

He doesn’t like things changing all the time, he grumped. I have rearranged the bedroom furniture exactly once since we moved here 13 years ago. Yesterday.

I like it. It opens up the sides of the bed and seems more balanced. The vanity table fits better. And since they are building in the big pasture that used to be out our back window, I no longer want to be able to see out the window from the bed.

By the time he recovers from this terrible affront, I’ll be moving things around in the living room. Poor guy.