I was in the grocery store today. I had gone to pick up some papers from my stepfather which he needed me to take to the Social Security office, and there were snow flurries. Naturally I went to the grocery store. Carrots, grapefruit, bananas, eggs… Not milk and bread because of course those are Evil 6 even if they are traditional for snow storms.

And then a man came up to me asking what kind of juice was best for people with high blood pressure. I was rather at a loss.

“Of course you must be much older than me,” the man said. “I’m 65. But I thought you might have grandchildren who had that problem.”

For the record, I’m younger than him, not older. And I have no grandchildren. I wasn’t able to help him.

I don’t think I look as though I’m in my 70s,but my refill of Wow Effect arrived today. I ran out a month ago but haven’t been paying attention. Perhaps once I get back in the beauty regimen habit strangers will think I’m just in my 60s.